Gompad Encounter Baby Missing

Katam Suresh (20 months) with his father Katam Dulaiya (20 years) were last seen on the 14th of January at Konta Police Station, Chhattisgarh.


20 month-old Katam Suresh who lost three of his fingers during a fatal attack on his mother during a combing operation on their village of Gompad on the 1st of October, was last seen at Konta police station, along with his 20 year old father Katam Dulaiya.

They were apprehended by the police from the botched public hearing on Operation Green Hunt to be held in the town of Dantewada and were last seen on the 14th of January, 2010 at Konta police station. Along with them, were two other villagers Soyam Dulaaih and Soyam Ramu, relatives of victims Soyam Subaiya and Soyam Subhi of Gompad village.

Police have denied detaining them but relatives in Khammam District have complained for days now that they have been missing. Reports started to surface that more than twenty-five villagers who had come for the public hearing were detained by the police. The villagers from Gompad were seen at Dantewada police station and later seen at Konta Police station.

Previously, on the 1st of October, security forces had raided the villages neighbouring Gompad and the Superintendent of Police, Amresh Mishra had announced that two Maoists had been killed in an encounter and nine villagers for detained for interrogation.

Yet amongst the dead were the maternal grandparents of Katam Suresh – his grandfather Madvi Bajaar (50), his grandmother Madvi Subhi (45), as well as his mother Katam Kanama (20) and his aunt Madvi Mooti, (8) who were killed, as their home was the closest to the approaching forces, according to the villagers.

His grandmother Madvi Subhi had lived for three days after the attack before she succumbed to her injuries from lack of medical assistance.

Their neighbours, Soyam Subaiya (age 20) and Soyam Subhi (18) were only married for a year before they were killed. Madvi Yankaiya (age 50), and two visiting villagers from the village of Bandarpadar were also killed on the same day.

The matter of the killings of the village of Goompad was taken to the Supreme Court, against the State Of Chhattisgarh, Respondent no.1, via social activist and petioner no.1 Himanshu Kumar of Vanvasi Chetna Ashram and the victims of violence.

Sodhi Sambo, petioner no.13 of the said Writ Petition (Criminal) No.103 of 2009,  had also disappeared from AIMS in Delhi after receiving treatment for a bullet wound that she received during the said day of attack. She had no access to the outside world once she was detained by the police on the 3rd of January 2010, and is now missing.

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