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My name is Javed Iqbal. I am a 31 year old freelance journalist and photographer from India. I have worked as an investigative reporter for The New Indian Express from November 2009 to April 2011, and have contributed articles and photographs on the state-Maoist civil war, on human rights and social struggles, to Daily News & Analysis, The Sunday Guardian, Outlook Magazine, Al Jazeera, Fountain Ink Magazine, Tehelka, Yahoo News, India Today, Rediff News, Financial Times, Le Courier International, and Infochange.

Help Keep Independent Journalism Independent

Journalism in India has drastically changed over the years, and there are countless rational and irrational reasons on what is worthy to publish in a mainstream publication, or not. And while there is a tendency in many publications to publish stories that seldom find mainstream space, there is a cap on the number of times you can report on what is erroneously called the ‘subaltern’. I often work in the ‘field’ first, and then try and find space for work to be published, than cater to a market that demands its stories.

A body of work, is a documentation before it is allowed to exist in the mainstream or the alternative press. It is for this, I would like your help to ensure my boots are always walking, and my camera is always documenting.

Thank you,                                                                                                                                                                Javed Iqbal

P.S. Write to me at imissyahoo@gmail.com, if you wish to contribute and I will send you the required details. If you wish to contribute via paypal; then you can click on one of the photos below which will give you three payment options.





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